Arturia Spark Updated To v1.5 – Here’s What’s New

5 Oct

YouTube Preview Image

Arturia has released v1.5 of Spark Creative Drum Machine.

Here’s what’s new……

New in Arturia Spark Version 1.5:

The Tune feature, allowing users to easily compose melodies on the MIDI controller’s hardware drum pads and sequencer step buttons;The sample engine now enables Choke groups, so users can specify samples that will cut each other off when triggered — perfect for emulating a hi-hat ‘choke’, for example (whereby triggering an open-hat sample first, followed immediately by a closed-hat sample will authentically cut off the open-hat prematurely), and also offers creative modes for layering samples (circular, random, stack, threshold);The FX Pad now includes the famed Oberheim SEM V filter featured in Arturia’s Oberheim SEM V soft synth namesake, bringing unique warmth and depth to those still-sought-after synth sweeps.

The video features Mike Hosker, Director of Sound Design at Arturia, showing the new features of SPARK 1.5.

See the Arturia site for details.

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