DP8 Now Available For Mac OS X

5 Oct

DP8 – the latest version of MOTU’s Digital Performer – is now available.

DP8 offers 64-bit support, new plug-ins, UI themes, and more.

Version 8 Features:

Cross platform — Supports Windows 7 and Mac OS X.Native 64-bit operation — Takes full advantage of 64-bit operating systems.VST / Rewire support — On both Mac and Windows for easy project exchange.New video engine — Supports full-screen video, 720/1080 HD, and MOTU video hardware monitoring.Punch Guard™ confidence recording — Captures extra time before and after punch points.17 new plug-ins — From meticulously modeled guitar tones to world-class mastering plug-ins…15 new themes — Artistically crafted UI designs including Hi-Fi, Arctic, and None More Black.In-line control panel — Conserves precious screen real estate.Multi-format plug-in management — Organize, manage, and quickly search for plug-ins in multiple formats.

Digital Performer 8 is now shipping for Mac OS X. The Windows version is in final testing and will be available soon to all registered DP8 users. See the MOTU site for details.

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