The Sormina – A New Wireless Instrument From Finland

5 Oct

The Sormina is a new electronic instrument, designed by Juhani Räisänen, that combines traditional materials with wireless support.:

The purpose was to create a new instrument that would be as nuanced, and as easy to hold, as the violin. At the same time we wanted to have a modern instrument with electronic sounds and also visual output. Design and usability issues were of equal importance.

Sormina consists of eight keys that are rolled by fingers of left hand and right hand. The sensory data of the keys is transferred wirelessly to the computer in the form of MIDI controller messages. The keys control the parameters of the sound software and video software that are created specifically for Sormina.

Here’s a short video that offers a demonstration of the Sormina:

YouTube Preview Image

The Sormina consists of three parts: a tangible interface, computer software, and a wireless connection to the computer. It was created as part of Räisänen’s doctoral dissertation project.

via reader Petteri Mäkiniemi, who notes “sormi is finger in Finnish.”

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